Welcome to the first edition of HostCamp Europe

Welcome to the first edition of HostCamp Europe

Advancing WordPress Infrastructure

WordPress is continuously evolving in order to address the needs of millions of publishers around the world. The users’ needs map the development of this platform, giving it an outlook and a direction for each update.

HostCamp is an event dedicated to this system, encouraging the open-source community to contribute even more to this evolution by sharing with each other factual insights from their professional expertise and to find together the answers.

The first edition of HostCamp will take place on 19th June in Berlin, in the proximity of WordCamp Europe 2019. Berlin is a highly tech-hearted city, with a large community of WordPress developers, publishers, and entrepreneurs, so we find it suitable for our first endeavor.

HostCamp is in the guise of an unconference, this meaning that the participants are encouraged to propose topics for discussion and a schedule to fit their needs. From the behalf of the organization will be the space, thought to unfold in two tracks simultaneously, namely a tactical track and a strategical track. All talks will debut with the speaker’s pitch to introduce the participants into the main topic. Speakers can address their experience or expertise on the topic, points of view or a debate theme as a warm-up for the upcoming dialogue.

Betahaus is a coworking space in Kreuzberg, Berlin, created as a place where people can work on their projects, while exchanging knowledge, ideas and inspiration.

The Arena, a dedicated room inside Betahaus, will serve as our meeting place for the day of the event. It is split into two parts, which will be perfect for HostCamp to happen in two simultaneously.

Networking will have its place also, as the creative vibe from here creates the right context, and the participants can enjoy a fine evening on the balcony with wonderful views from the city above.

Our main goal with HostCamp is to find out how to and who is joining us in our mission: advancing the WordPress infrastructure as we know it. In order for this to happen, we will create the proper environment with the proper resources for the participants to share their knowledge and insights.

HostCamp could become a launch pad for innovative solutions, amplifying the impact of the actions initiated by thought leaders in the technical world of WordPress. It should become an event where the untapped opportunities in WordPress infrastructure are encouraged and promoted.”

Mile Rosu, co-founder & CEO Presslabs