June 19 — 2019 @ Betahaus, Berlin


Coffee & breakfast

Welcome & Introductions

We’ll open the first edition of HostCamp with background on why we started this and what to expect, special thanks, then an introduction to our facilitators and the topics. 

Joint session

Ethics in WordPress Hosting

Kevin Ohashi

CEO at ReviewSignal


PHP Versions

What can we do within the hosting community to support the smooth transition to PHP 7 in by the end of 2019? What are the opportunities? What are the obstacles?

Jenny Wong

Engineering Manager at Human Made


Security by Default

What can we do as a hosting community to improve WordPress security by default? What are the current trends and best practices? What are future risks?

Tony Perez

GM (VP) Security Product Group at GoDaddy


Technology Explorations

What are we experimenting with? What positive / negative technology experiences have we had? What are the current technology trends? What are the opportunities and challenges we see?

Călin Don

CTO at Presslabs



What are the current WordPress integration trends in the SaaS industry? What are the opportunities? What experiences, positive and negative, have we had developing technology partner programs?

Jonathan Wold

Ecosystem Consultant


Lunch time



How are we relating to the idea of contributing to WordPress? What experiences have we had, positive and negative? What are our strategies going forward?

Mike Schroder

WordPress Committer & Full-time WordPress Contributor Consultant for GoDaddy



What are the current trends in bundling across the hosting industry? What are the opportunities? What experiences, positive and negative, have we had offer bundles to our customers?

Chris Lema

VP of Products at Liquid Web


Serverless & JAMstack

What is serverless and JAMstack and why do they matter within the context of WordPress infrastructure? What are the opportunities and challenges?

Miriam Schwab

co-founder & CEO at Strattic



Why does data portability matter?
What can we do to make it easier for customers to move between hosts?
How can we make it better? What do we need in order to do it?

Akshat Choudhary

Founder of BlogVault

Lightning Talks

5 talks, 5 minutes each

Joint session


We’ll wrap up our first edition of HostCamp, talk about what’s next, and help facilitate dinner with friends for those able to stick around.