June 19 — 2019 @ Betahaus, Berlin

HostCamp could become a launch pad for innovative solutions, amplifying the impact of the actions initiated by thought leaders in the technical world of WordPress. It should become an event where the untapped opportunities in WordPress infrastructure are encouraged and promoted.

Mile Rosu

co-founder & CEO Presslabs

HostCamp team

We're a small team of people who love WordPress and have been around the ecosystem for a while.


HostCamp’s priority is bringing the WordPress hosting community together and creating a shared context where we can work together to advance WordPress infrastructure.

Focus on Impact

This event focuses on improving our industry, sharing valuable insights that empower and equip attendees to advance their own organizations.

Sharing is Evolving

One of the core values of WordPress is that it’s open for all. On the same note, HostCamp is an event that puts information on the table to be transparent for all those who join us.

Jonathan Wold


Mile Roșu

Organizer, Presslabs

Mihai Grescenko

Head of design, desero

Anna Maria Radu

Event producer, DigiTales

Andreea Oproiu

Communication & PR specialist, DigiTales